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The story of an idea

I was on my way to berlin. A shopping tour in the capital. Ideas were already in the back of my head for months. What does everybode need? What does everybody do? What does everybody like? Same here. In the Outlet park. Crazy...

BAM! There it was - the idea. A game with colors. On the smartphone. Thousands of thoughts ran through my head. Very excited i called a friend, asked him if it was possible to bring my idea to life. Back in Hamburg i met with other friends and a new idea was born. A team of six Hamburgers(sic!) was build. Until today this team didn't deviate from its path and is proud to present you PicMatch.

Orange, September 2015

The best idea in the world


of the people use their tablets and mobile phones every day.


of the people like colors and pictures, love seeing them and are inspired und guided by them.


of the people love playing. They like competing in games and beeing faced with playful challenges.

When we combine all of the above we get a game that can be played everywhere - by everyone. We get a game that make us see the world in a new way. In Short: We get PicMatch!


The Team of PicMatch – Colors of the World consists of six friends from Hamburg, Germany. Everyone has his own color and his own task.

Have fun with PicMatch!

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